Saturday, 26 August 2017

PNB Investments in Bursa Malaysia (10.3% of the market cap of Bursa Malaysia.)

Market cap of Bursa Malaysia is RM 1,814.59 billion.

PNB owns 10.3% or RM 186.2 billion of Bursa Malaysia.

Putting the Bursa Malaysia in Perspective

The market cap of Berkshire Hathaway is 1.55x  that of the market cap of Bursa Malaysia.

Berkshire Hathaway is listed in NYSE

1 U.S. = RM 4.26

Its equity is US 286.4 billion or RM 1,220.1 billion.

Its market cap based on its share price of US 267,377 per share on 19.8.2017 is US 659.4 billion or RM 2,809.0 billion.

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